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Grooming Services



Haircut Package

We Bathe your pet in a Hypo-Allergenic shampoo & conditioner Then they are Hand dried, Brushed out and then we trim their Nails and Clean their ears. Then they are Given their Haircut & a spritz of Cologne and then You have a Choice of Bows or a Bandana to finish off your Pets new Look! 


Bath Package

We Bathe your pet in Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo &Conditioner Then they are Hand dried, brushed out, nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Then they are given a spritz of cologne and then you have a choice of bows or a bandanna.


Add On Services 

Walk In Services 

( Services that can be added onto any Bath or Grooming Package)

- Nail Grinding

- Teeth Brushing

- AG Expression

- Shampoo Upgrades

- Various Add-On Packages

-Hair Dying 

-Nail Polish

- Micro Bubble Bath 

- Neck Tie or Bowtie

- Feather Extension

-Nail Trim 

-Nail Polish

-Ear Cleaning

-AG Expression

-Teeth Brushing

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